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Search our flea market for our hand crafted, one-of-a-kind and personalized items.
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Feel free to browse through the vendors located in the neighborhoods listed below.

Flea Market Angels
Angel Avenue:
Pins, jewelry, angel items

Flea Market Collectibles
Antique & Collectible Shoppe:
Vintage collectibles

Flea Market Services
"At Your Service Center":
Non-computer services

Flea Market Baby Stuff
Baby Boulevard:
Newborn gifts, baby blankets, clothing

Flea Market Books
Book Nook:
Books, ebooks, texts, written materials, magazines

Flea Market Clothing
Clothing Closet:
Shirts, designer fashions, accessories

Flea Market Computer Services
Computers Services:
Web hosting, SEO, design, repairs

Flea Market Crafts
Craft Corner:
Crafts, projects, folk art, primitives, baskets

Flea Market Decorative Painting
Decorative Painting:
One-of-a-kind hand painted items

Flea Market Dolls
Doll House:
Dolls, furniture, clothing, accessories

Flea Market Fibre Arts
Fibre Arts Studio:
Fine art using fabric, yarn, hand made items

Flea Market Foods
Food Court:
Delicious jams, spices, goodies, treats

Flea Market Gifts
Gifts & Novelties Galaxy:
Personalized, hand crafted gift selections

Flea Market Health
Health & Wellness Fair:
Kool wraps, saunas, inhalers, therapeutics

Flea Market Home Decor
Home Decor Terrace:
Mailboxes, planters, weather vanes, more

Flea Market Jewelry
Jewelry Junction:
Jewelry, gemstones, crystals, charms

Flea Market Personalized Gifts
Personalized Gifts Park:
One-of-a-kind personalized items

Flea Market Pets
Pet Plaza:
Pet bedding, costumes, carriers, food, booties

Flea Market Pottery
Pottery Palace:

Flea Market Soaps
Soap & Fragrance Meadow:
Hand made soaps, shampoos, fragrances

Flea Market Spiritual
Spiritual Way:
Religious, spiritual gift items

Flea Market Teddy Bears
Teddy Bear Turnpike:
Hand crafted Teddy bears

Flea Market Wood Crafts
Wood Craft Workshop:
Custom handcrafted wood furniture, gifts, decorations

Flea Market Miscellany
and Everything Else:
All the other items that didn't fit into other neighborhoods

Try our flea market - our shoppers love us. Why You're Going to Love Us: This virtual flea market was founded as a community of internet entrepreneurs working collaboratively creating this most unique shopping experience. Allow QFLEA to serve as your first choice for online shopping and gift giving by providing variety, customer focus, personalized attention and uniqueness.

[1] VARIETY: Diverse creativity best defines QFLEA flea market vendors, comprised of crafters, soap and candle makers, home-made food folks, Teddy bear artists, gift basket makers, quilters, pet suppliers, jewelers, etc. These businesses listed at our flea market are the true small business folks of the Internet with a great variety of products and services. Specialties here include items that are hand crafted, one-of-a-kind and personalized.

[2] CUSTOMER FOCUS: Our flea market vendors are just like you and me in that they are hard-working folks with families and friends. We will work diligently to support the shopping needs of our visitors. At our flea market, you're part of the family and our vendors will treat you right. You can read our privacy policy here.

[3] PERSONALIZED ATTENTION: Our great shopping selection is just the start of our story. Our focus is you! Tell us what you're looking for and we'll check with fellow members. Should one flea market vendor have the particular item, he or she will make contact with you directly. If you have an idea, problem or complaint, we invite you to e-mail us and let us know.

[4] WE'RE UNIQUE: Vendor neighborhood listings and various other services are provided to flea market vendors at no cost. We support our flea market vendors providing a perfect shopping mall for their businesses. Profit has never been, and will never be the priority here. The priority is service to our shoppers and our vendors. If you are the owner of an online business and are looking for places to include your website, you might consider listing your site with us.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and spend some time clicking around this virtual flea market. Give the site a good review and visit each of our vendors. We think you will like what you see, and when you do, please give us a hand and tell your friends. Word of mouth from satisfied customers has always been our best endorsement. If you don't like what you see, please tell me. I'm Charley. I run our flea market and truly believe that all feedback has value. You can contact me anytime. You can learn more about me at LinkedIn.

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