After almost 19 years, QFLEA is closing it's doors. This process will take a while. The many small business vendors that were part of QFLEA are still up and running. You can FIND many of them using the search box below. Search for what you'd like and you'll find a business that is still open and ready for you to visit. - 1999 to 2018

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So Just Who Were We?

The idea for QFLEA came from a guy named Charley who, in the late 1990's, watched the beginning of businesses appearing on the net and wanted to be part of it. The problem was that he had nothing to sell, no special skill or talent that anyone would want, and nothing more than a burning desire to have a web business. So Charley decided to sell space! Why not? They've been selling the pet rock, the clapper and other "useful items" for years. He decided that he could sell useful space to small businesses who did actually have a product or service to sell.

After learning some HTML coding, he designed the site in the format of a flea market. All the businesses who wanted to list would open "virtual tables" at the flea market for a monthly fee It was a great plan, but it had one small flaw - no one knew Charley. Why would they want to pay to be listed on one small little website that's just getting started from a guy no one knew?

So, he gave free links while building a good reputation, but something happened along the way. He got to know the vendors. They started a YahooGroup and provided mutual support for business problems when he realized these were not big companies. They were what he called the "Mom and Pop Shoppes of the Internet". Crafters, soap and candle makers, jewelers, tole painters, quilt makers and more. They are work-at-home moms, retirees, handicapped, newbies and many other small businesses just trying to survive the business world.

Charley soon realized that these vendors had little or no ability to start paying another monthly fee while trying to maintain what they had. Therefore, the path became clear. The fee for these vendors, and all the rest who followed, would be zero dollars! Thus, became the largest free virtual flea market on the planet, a distinction which engendered much pride and a great deal of respect.

We remained open and free from mid-1999 through the beginning of 2018. During this time, hundreds of different small business websites join and participated in QFLEA, with many friendships, business relationships and partnerships developing among members. One of the most significant partnerships was the one between QFLEA and Hosting Connecticut (see link above). Paula from Hosting Connecticut was more than just a web host. As life on the internet grew more complex, it was Paula that guided Charley and QFLEA through a myriad of issues. Paula answered more "dumb questions" for Charley than you might imagine, and as Charley often said, without Paula, there would not have been a QFLEA.

Finally, due to a variety of reasons, The QFLEA Flea Market closed the website in 2018. The small businesses that comprised this amazing enterprise still function independently and have kept their support group open and functioning to provide mutual assistance where needed. Many businesses can still be found by using the FIND search box at the top of this page.

Try our flea market - our shoppers love us. Why Our Shoppers and Our Vendors Loved Us: This virtual flea market was founded as a community of internet entrepreneurs working collaboratively creating this most unique shopping experience. We designed QFLEA to serve as your first choice for online shopping and gift giving by providing variety, customer focus, personalized attention and uniqueness.

[1] VARIETY: Diverse creativity best defined QFLEA flea market vendors, comprised of crafters, soap and candle makers, home-made food folks, Teddy bear artists, gift basket makers, quilters, pet suppliers, jewelers, etc. These businesses listed at our flea market were the true small business folks of the internet with a great variety of products and services. Specialties here included items that were hand crafted, one-of-a-kind and personalized.

[2] CUSTOMER FOCUS: Our flea market vendors were just like you and me in that they were hard-working folks with families and friends. We worked diligently to support the shopping needs of our visitors. At our flea market, you were always part of the family and our vendors treated you right.

[3] PERSONALIZED ATTENTION: Our great shopping selection was just the start of our story. Our focus was always on you! We always welcomed you to tell us what you were looking for and we'd check with fellow members. Should one flea market vendor have had the particular item, he or she would have contacted you directly. If you had an idea, problem or complaint, we welcomed your input and invited you to e-mail us to let us know what you thought.

[4] WE WERE UNIQUE: Vendor neighborhood listings and various other services were provided to flea market vendors at no cost. We supported our flea market vendors providing a perfect shopping mall for their businesses. Profit never was a priority here. The priority was service to our shoppers and our vendors. We were, at one time, the first and the largest free virtual flea market on the internet.

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