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The Story Of QFLEA.com

In the late 1990's, I watched businesses appearing on the net and I wanted in. The problem was that I had nothing to sell, no special skill or talent that anyone would want, and nothing more than a burning desire to have a web business. So I decided to sell space! Why not? They've been selling the pet rock, the clapper and other useful items for years. I decided that I could sell useful space to small businesses who did have something to sell. My background included 30 years in hospital management, 5 terms as PTA President, supervisor for 3 NYC Marathons and the 1992 Democratic National Convention ... but was totally clueless about designing or running a website!

I taught myself some HTML and designed my site in the format of a flea market. All the businesses who wanted to list with us would open "virtual tables" at the flea market. I'd charge them a monthly fee, make a fortune, and retire a rich man. Great plan - just one small problem - no one knows me. Why would they want to pay me to be listed on one small little website that's just getting started?

So, I gave free links while building a good reputation. Something happened along the way. I got to know my vendors. We started a YahooGroup and provided mutual support for business problems. I realized these were not big companies. They were what I call the "Mom and Pop Shoppes of the Internet". Crafters, soap and candle makers, jewelers, tole painters, quilt makers and more. They are work-at-home moms, retirees, handicapped, newbies and many other small businesses just trying to survive the business world. Setting a fee became easy ... zero dollars! QFLEA.com became the largest free virtual flea market on the planet, a distinction of which I am extremely proud.

Our flea market is now a community with hundreds of vendors working together striving to be the first choice for online shopping and gift giving by providing variety, customer focus and personalized attention. We support our vendors and provide a perfect shopping experience.

Take some time and browse our flea market. Like what you see? Tell all your friends. If not, tell me. I'm Charley. I run the place and you can contact me anytime. I'd love to hear from you. And if you think your website qualifies to be listed with us, I'd love to hear from you too!

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