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Delaware Flea Markets

written by Charles Silverman

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Our July trip to the Delaware flea market circuit included visits to four flea markets. We visited the Wilmington Flea Market, the New Castle Flea Market, Bargain Bill's Flea Market in Laurel and Spence's Auction and Flea Market. The Wilmington and New Castle flea markets were your basic run-of-the-mill flea markets with a nice variety of vendors and some good prices. Bargain Bill's and Spence's were different and it's those two that I'd like to write about in more detail.

Bargain Bill's started out as a disappointment. We arrived and noted that few vendors were actually open when we got there and it seemed to be very similar to the New Castle flea market with a much larger food court. Aside from the "All You Can Eat Pizza" special for $5.99 (good thing I wasn't hungry), there seemed to be nothing special. However, we noticed that there were many picnic tables in the back. Then we saw the sign that said "Open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays" and realized that we would have to come back. Good thing we did! Upon our return, we found a busy, bustling flea market with hundreds of individual vendors in the back with just about everything imaginable for sale. We wandered from table to table looking at the different items people were selling and also found a few vendors who sold from websites, so naturally, I had to stop and talk to them about QFLEA. I'm hopeful that those to whom I spoke will someday join QFLEA as vendors. They would be welcome additions.

UPDATE - September 21, 2008: A very nice visitor to our website named Judy wrote to us to let us know that Bargain Bills is no longer open on Fridays. She visited on Friday and found the food court open and two or three vendors, but everything else was closed. On behalf of our future visitors, thank you, Judy.

As good as Bargain Bill's was, Spence's in Dover was even better. Open Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, Spence's had not only the inside vendors and the outside tables, like Bargain Bills, but also had a full Amish "grocery store"! We wandered through and saw a full variety of Amish goods at wonderful prices and of course, I had to buy an item or two. Now that I'm home, of course, I wish I had bought more. I've been enjoying a pepper jelly that goes great on chicken! Spence's also had a farmer's market going as part of the business with some of the finest freshest fruits and vegetables I've ever seen, grown by local growers, and available at great prices.

All in all, the trip to the Delaware flea markets was a wonderful experience. I was able to see and talk to many vendors to learn what's selling these days, to recruit a few vendors for our virtual flea market at QFLEA.com and to buy a few items for myself because I just had to have them! All four flea markets are worth the trip, with Bargain Bill's and Spence's being extraordinary.

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