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Our Shopping Newsletter

You've reached the page where we are storing all the old copies of our newsletter. Actually, it's not really all of them any longer. Some of the older newsletters had links to flea market vendors that are no longer in business.

When making sure our web site is friendly for the search engines to rank us well, we deleted many of the older versions of the newsletter as those editions had dead links to those former vendors. The actual content of the newsletter was pretty interesting, and we've found other ways to incorporate some of that into our website in other ways. Some of what we had in those newsletters will appear in our blog section.

About the newsletter itself: We once published a free shopping newsletter distributed on a biweekly basis. The newsletter was published in order to keep our shoppers aware of some of the bargains and activities at QFLEA.com. It was also an opportunity for us to shine a spotlight on some of our vendors. We filled the newsletter with fun features and interesting information. It was well received and our subscriber base increased each year.

We used the Yahoo Groups platform to publish the newsletter and invited those interested in receiving and reading our newsletter to join that particular Yahoo Group. Sadly, when Yahoo changed its group format, and many others, to the current NEO version, it made the Yahoo Group almost unusable. Subscribers were unhappy and started to drop Yahoo Groups, including our newsletter. We were unhappy as well. It became so difficult to manage that we closed that Yahoo Group. That, in part, is why you won't see any editions for 2013. Even if we only do one per year, we do it for the holidays, but 2013 was early in the NEO fiasco and we were doing all we could to salvage our main Yahoo Group, so dealing with the group that handled the newsletter was just too much.

We were family-friendly, and we assembled a shopping newsletter that took about four minutes to read and enjoy. If you'd like to take a peek at many of our old newsletter editions, the links are below. We've stopped publishing the newsletter on a regular basis, but do occasionally send out what we call the "Irregular Version" of the newsletter when we think it appropriate. As mentioned above, we will always make one available around the holidays to share information about our holiday promotion.

Here are the links to the older editions that we still have available on line.

Our shopping newsletters for 2014

our shopping newsletter 2014 - Issue 1

Please remember that as you click on some of our older newsletter editions in the right hand column of this page, the links to specials and sales are no longer valid.

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