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Terms of Service for QFLEA.com - The Next Generation Flea Market

Please take five minutes to read our ten very simple terms of service to be sure you qualify for listing at our online flea market. When applying for membership, you are agreeing to them. Questions? Contact Charley to ask.

Part One - Your Listing at QFLEA.com

[1] AGREEMENT: By agreeing to our terms of service, you become a member (vendor) of QFLEA.com. Your table is a link from one of our neighborhoods at QFLEA.com to your web site. We don't endorse, warrantee, or guarantee your products or services and are not responsible for your content. Application does not guarantee acceptance. See exclusions below. Ask Charley for application when you are ready to be listed.

[2] OWNING AND MAINTAINING YOUR BUSINESS: The site you submit for listing must be for a business that you own and maintain. You cannot submit an application for a third party. The site must your own and not a page within someone else's site. Let us know if your site will be down for any length of time. If we can't access your site and cannot contact you via e-mail, we will assume your site is inactive and will be deleted. Our shoppers should not have to be subjected to dead links!

[3] MEMBERSHIP FEES: NONE. While we reserve the right to charge someday, we don't now and have not since we started in 1999. Some optional services have fees. For example, QFLEA has an internal search engine allowing the sites of participating members to be "findable". There is a one-time non-refundable fee for entry into this program. For more info, contact Charley.


[a] has sexually explicit, violent, or adult content;
[b] discriminates or offends in any way.
[c] contains unlawful material or violates other's intellectual property rights.
[d] is an auction site. No auction sites, Ebay, LiveDeal, etc.
[e] is a multi-level marketing site or an affiliate program, middleman, consultant, catalog or distributor site for another company. Unsure about your site? Ask me!
[f] exists within someone else's domain, such as, but not limited to Cafepress, Vstores, Etsy, Facebook, Artfire, Dawanda, Blogspot, Tias, RubyLane, Amazon, etc.
[g] has a sole purpose of sale/exchange of animals.
[h] offers products identical to ones already listed.
[i] sells weapons, drugs, "medicinals" or illegal items or services.
[j] is under construction, inactive, not accessible to the public or requires a login.
[k] has pop-ups, flash movies, slow-loading music or other annoying features.
[l] triggers anti-virus or anti-spyware alarms.
[m] contains a link farm.
[n] is mainly for fundraising for political organizations, religious institutions, causes, charities, etc.
[o] is a temporary site for the purpose of disposing of estate holdings or final sale of inventory from closed brick and mortar stores.
[p] is objectionable or unsuitable in any way, despite constitutional protections or is one we just don't like, which is very rare but not impossible.
... or if you subscribe to the Yahoo Group with an email from which you don't read messages. If we cannot contact you, there is the very strong likelihood that you will be deleted!

Part Two - Joining the QFLEA YahooGroup

[5] You MUST belong to the QFLEA group. Join here. The group is moderated to prevent spam and has zero tolerance for flaming, spamming or self-promoting posts. Appropriate signatures (4 lines or less) are OK. If a member requests information about products or services that you provide, you may post that you provide it and invite the member to contact you off-list for details. Messages sent to the group are presumed to be read by you. There are four modes of subscription.

[a] Individual E-mail: (Recommended) We average four to five e-mails daily. When free opportunities are announced, those on this setting have an advantage.
[b] Daily Digest: You'll get one daily e-mail with the messages from the prior day.
[c] We don't allow the YahooGroup options of "Special Announcements" and "No Mail". Those subscribing to, or switching to those options will be removed.

[6] Bouncing email: YahooGroups bounces mail as undeliverable for many reasons, i.e., [a] your ISP or host thinks QFLEA mail is spam, or [b] your spam blocker rejects our messages, or [c] you use confirmation software and reject messages not "confirmed" (very annoying and will lead to your removal), or [d] Your box is full. It is YOUR responsibility to be able to receive group mail and mail from Charley. We will work with you to help fix problems, but if we cannot communicate with you, you will be removed. We will NOT participate in email confirmation programs. You joined us. You are responsible to assure that QFLEA email can reach you.

Part Three - Other Information

[7] LISTING: We will make every effort to place you into the neighborhood (category) you request. However, for the best presentation to our shoppers, we may choose to relocate you. We will make good faith efforts to contact you to discuss this with you prior to relocation.

[8] QFLEA is a registered name and may not be used as part of the name of your site, unless you want to hear from our lawyers. You are certainly welcome to note on your site that you're a member of QFLEA.com.

[9] RIGHT TO TERMINATE MEMBERSHIP: We will terminate your membership for violation of any rules, or if you annoy, spam, harrass or mistreat other QFLEA members, or provide false information on any applications. Spamming includes any unsolicited email to another member, including offers to sell or to invite other members to join any other programs. We pride ourselves on being an extremely friendly, cordial business community and we strongly defend that reputation!

[10] LAWS and LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: These terms of service are governed by the laws of the State of Delaware and the United States of America. You agree that QFLEA and anyone involved with QFLEA is and forever shall be held harmless from any losses or liabilities suffered by you for any reason at all. You are responsible for your own content, products, services and actions.

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